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Clary Icon OneScreen 70" Touch Screen 1080p LED 6-Touch with Android OS

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This Product Has Been Discontinued!

Canvas is the industry’s best-in-class workhorse of top-quality interactive touch screens.

Clary Icon manufactures interactive collaboration technologies including OneScreen™. The OneScreen is a fully integrated collaboration system that combines video conferencing, whiteboarding and computing from a single touch screen so teams can productively work together when they need to, from across the globe or across the table.


Extensive library of interactive tools.
A huge selection of easy-to-use tools can instantly be added to a personalized, on-screen toolbar. All settings are saved for each unique user.

Easily control content.
Finger-driven, no pressure required and multi-touch features make controlling digital content feel like second nature, even if it’s your first time.

Smoothly navigate through content.
Intuitively navigate through computer applications, websites, and multimedia to effectively leverage the content your session requires.

No external projector required.
Simply plug in the unit and gain instant access to all the benefits of intuitive, interactive whiteboarding.


Share information with colleagues around the world in real time with the conferencing feature. With a shared whiteboard space, everyone can see, write notes and make changes easily.


Whether working with files inside or outside of the StarBoard Software, annotating over documents has never been easier. Use the multitude of interactive tools to seamlessly markup digital content.

Custom Toolbar

Expand or collapse the toolbar and adjust its height and orientation based on your preference. Easily add external files and apps to the toolbar, with the option to save it for future use.

Layout Options

Customize the software’s interface to suit specific needs. You can work in full-screen mode or add the top menu bar, sidebar tabs, context toolbar, trash can, and page tab for enhanced accessibility

Search Engines

Add up to 4 search engines to the software to easily access frequently used websites with search capabilities. Explore topics by selecting a word to seamlessly connect to any search engine.

Import Files

Import a variety of documents, including Microsoft Office, PDF, and multi-media files, enabling instant markup. Annotate over motion video to add a new dimension to your digital lectures and presentations

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Product NameClary Icon OneScreen 70" Touch Screen 1080p LED 6-Touch with Android OS
Built-In SpeakersNo
ManufacturerClary Icon
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